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Apr 7, 2021 1.6.6
  1. ADDED: Unity Visual Scripting (ex-Bolt) package support
  2. ADDED: unityObject field supports sub-assets if AssetType is set
  3. ADDED: asset is selected in Project View if mouse is clicked over asset preview
Mar 22, 2021 1.6.5
  1. ADDED: partitioning addon
  2. ADDED: liveupdate addon supports JSON/CSV files, hosted on webserver
  3. ADDED: byte and short fields
  4. ADDED: entering/exiting playmode while a nested table is selected now keeps nested table active
  5. FIXED: flickering while scrolling with mouse wheel
  6. FIXED: Binders/EntityGo GUI is bugged if the database window is close and dark theme is selected
  7. FIXED: layout exception is printed to the console while scrolling horizontally on MacOS
Jan 23, 2021 1.6.4
  1. ADDED: dark skin (Settings->Preferences->Skin)
  2. ADDED: a property to generated classes for traversing relation in reverse direction (naming convention is Related{MetaName}ListUsing{RelationName}Relation)
  3. CHANGED: CodeGen performance improvements
  4. FIXED: "Save all" button does not save runtime changes
Dec 06, 2020 1.6.3
  1. ADDED: wizard tool to extract database structure from Excel files/ GoogleSheets spreadsheet
  2. ADDED: export/import database structure without data to json
  3. FIXED: BGEntityGo editor throws an exception if database window is closed
Oct 28, 2020 1.6.2
  1. CHANGED: simplified settings file management
  2. ADDED: names mapping config for a data source
  3. FIXED: Bolt code generator produces uncompilable code under certain conditions
Oct 04, 2020 1.6.1
  1. ADDED: support for Configurable Enter Play Mode (Edit->Project settings->Editor->Enter Play mode settings)
  2. CHANGED: new workflow for scene reference field
  3. FIXED: duplicate selected rows bug
  4. FIXED: generated classes constructors access modifier (public->private)
Sep 21, 2020 1.6
  1. CHANGED: min version is Unity 2018 LTS
  2. CHANGED: Excel and Google Sheets integration code is moved into plugins
  3. CHANGED: DataSource tab is moved under "Export/Import" tab
  4. CHANGED: Editor GUI improvements and performance optimization
  5. ADDED: Plugins tab
  6. ADDED: Data protection for Modding addon
  7. ADDED: Options to view all fields while assigning related entity
  8. ADDED: single relation is supported in data binders
August 24, 2020 1.5.13
  1. CHANGED: LiveUpdate addon does not require _id column anymore
  2. FIXED: assigning sprite value to sprite field causes Unity Editor (v. 2019.4.8) crash on MacOS. Some other Unity Editor versions for MacOS may also be affected. The root cause is Unity Editor returning invalid value (-1) for TextureImporter.filterMode property
August 14, 2020 1.5.12
  1. ADDED: better support for Unity dark theme
  2. ADDED: a tool for moving/copying rows between tables
  3. REMOVED: all tests are removed
  4. REMOVED: all references to UnityEngine.UI assembly are removed
  5. FIXED: some private properties are missing when includePrivate parameter is used in data binders
  6. FIXED: sporadic error "BansheeGz.BGDatabase.BGUtilForUi:GetButtonHeight Could not load file or assembly 'UnityEngine.UI" printed to the console on project load
  7. FIXED: NewEntity () throws IndexOutOfRangeException exception after GetEntity(string) method is called
July 24, 2020 1.5.11
  1. ADDED: improved support for Unity 2020
  2. ADDED: GoogleSheets plugin can now be moved to runtime assembly. This action is required to implement GoogleSheets runtime plugin
  3. FIXED: hint methods are added to generated Bolt units to avoid dimmed look (re-generation is required)
July 06, 2020 1.5.10
  1. ADDED: generated methods to load assets asynchronously for asset fields with addressables loader
  2. FIXED: SpriteSheet/Atlas browser was skipping some sprites
  3. FIXED: GUI layout errors are printed to console after modal dialogs if database window is floating
June 07, 2020 1.5.9
  1. Row height resizing
  2. Drag'n'drop improvements for asset fields
  3. New CopyPaste mode
  4. Table list customization
  5. Encryption support
  6. Custom Keys to access row(s) quickly
  7. Validation system redone
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May 07, 2020 1.5.8
  1. ADDED: distinct style for cell button if value is not set (relations/assets/lists/hashtable fields are affected)
  2. ADDED: Option to transfer rows order from source to destination while importing/exporting from/to Excel/GoogleSheets
  3. ADDED: Relation field now shows a little icon next to a cell button if the related table has a sprite field with a value
  4. ADDED: Float/int fields now transferred as numeric cells to Excel
  5. FIXED: Gradient field is not loaded properly if multithreaded loading is used.
March 28, 2020 1.5.7
  1. Upgraded min Unity version to 2017.4 LTS to comply to AssetStore official recommendation
  2. Examples are removed
  3. New landing page in case there is no database in the project
  4. ADDED: current row highlighting
  5. ADDED: optional vertical TAB key movement
  6. ADDED: sort alphabetically option while chosing a sprite from SpriteAtlas or multiple sprite
  7. ADDED: NotFoundEvent for generated Playmaker actions
  8. FIXED: No meta is chosen error in case of export/import to json or export/import with mode=Transfer
March 3, 2020 1.5.6
  1. Batch update
  2. Sprite field upgrade (now accept single/multiple sprites and sprites from SpriteAtlas)
  3. New enum and enumList fields
  4. New fields for Gradient and AnimationCurve
  5. New DataSource types for importing data from GoogleSheets and LiveUpdate add-on
  6. UI/UX changes to make UI compatible with newly added UnityEditor Skin (2019.3)
  7. UnityObject field now can be limited to accept asset of specified types only
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Feb 6, 2020 1.5.5 This page is created.