Partitions add-on


Partitioning addon let you split database into several files either horizontally (on rows basis) or vertically (on tables basis). Read in-depth guides below for more details


Data inside horizontal partitions can not be saved/loaded properly with SaveLoad addon

Horizontal vs vertical partitioning

Horizontal Vertical
Main purpose Split database data into several files and load/unload data at runtime manually to reduce memory usage Split database data into several files in multi-user environment to get rid of data merging
Based on rows tables
Loaded automatically No Yes
File name format bansheegz_database_p_{ID}.bytes" bansheegz_database_v_{ID}.bytes"
Read in-depth guide READ READ


Parameter name Description
Disable temporarily Temporarily disable addon without deleting corresponding configuration data (e.g. DbPartition table etc.). With addon temporarily disabled, the whole data is saved into main database file and partitioned files are ignored. You can temporarily disable horizontal and vertical partitioning separately or disable all at once