Free downloads for BGDatabase package.

Lite package

1 BGDatabase Lite: free lite package with basic functionality


2 Very basic 3D example
3 2D variant of our basic 3D example
4 Inventory system, built with BGDatabase (advanced example)
5 Example for localization addon
6 Addressables Quick start: example project for Addressables system
7 LiveUpdate add-on usage example

Editor tools

8 Excel integration for Editor
9 GoogleSheets integration for Editor
10 Excel file monitor for Editor
11 Amazon Translation plugin for BGLocalization

Runtime extensions

12 GoogleSheets export/import for runtime (in beta currently)
13 Excel export/import support for Runtime (PC / Mac / Linux only)
14 Support for Unity's Addressables system
15 Data binder for Unity UI Toolkit
16 Database runtime editor


17 Custom action for Playmaker and Addressables system
18 Save/Load custom action for Playmaker to support SaveLoad addon

Unity Visual Scripting (ex-Bolt)

19 Custom units for Visual Scripting (Bolt) to load assets from Addressables system
20 Save/Load custom unit for Visual Scripting (Bolt) to support SaveLoad addon
21 Generic database access units for Visual Scripting (Bolt)

Flow Canvas

22 Save/load addon integration package for Flow Canvas

Game Creator

23 Integration plug-in for Game Creator

Node Canvas

24 Integration plug-in for Node Canvas

Behavior Designer

25 Integration plug-in for Behavior Designer


26 Integration plug-in for UNode


27 Custom fields
27 Uncategorized content