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BG Database v1.5.6: What is new?


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Batch update

  1. Click on "Batch update" button
  2. Select the rows you want to update, using "S" column
  3. Select the field you want to update
  4. Enter the value
  5. Press on "Batch update n rows" button to update the rows

Sprite field upgrade

Sprite field now accepts:
  1. A single sprite
  2. a sprite from multiple sprite
  3. a sprite from sprite atlas

Please, update Addressables plug-in, if you use it

New enum and enumList fields

Create enum/enumList fields for your own enumerations

New fields for Gradient and AnimationCurve

  1. New field for Gradient
  2. New field for AnimationCurve

New DataSource types for importing data from GoogleSheets and LiveUpdate add-on

  1. "Anonymous" read-only DataSource type was added for importing data in Editor. This datasource does not require to add credentials
  2. 2 new DataSource types was added to LiveUpdate plugin: "Visualization API" and "Excel export". Unlike "GoogleSheetsAPI" type, they do not require to add API key

UI/UX changes to make UI compatible with newly added UnityEditor Skin (2019.3)

UnityObject field now can be limited to accept assets of specified types only

UnityObject field now has type constraint to only accept assets of certain types. All code generators know about this constraint and substitute property type with proper type.