Amazon Translate


  1. Go to Configuration->Locale and add field of type string, named "amazonLanguage"
  2. Get a API key and Secret Key for Amazon Translate as described here
  3. Go to Settings->Translation, and paste your keys
  4. Go to Database->Localization and for each locale fill "amazonLanguage" field with the right language
  5. Chose any table with "localization" (Locale) or "localizationSingleValue" (Locale-S) types and string/text field type. Click on Setup and chose Amazon as translation service. Chose your source language and destination languages.
  6. Click "Run" to translate several rows. Click T↑ to translate one row to all locales. Click T↓ to translate current row to one locale

Known issues

Currently Amazon service does not produce any error if set up is wrong. If you have any issue with setup, please, contact our support.