General information

Machine translation allows to auto-translate string/text fields.

Preferred service is Yandex, cause it's free and easy to setup, has a lot of translation language pairs and fully integrated.

Amazon Translate is also fully integrated and can translate from/to English and 10 different languages. But it can translate only if English language is set as source or target.

IBM Watson is not recommended. It is also integrated but by default has very few translation language pairs and only has 1 month free subscription.

Google Translate is not integrated (cause they do not have a free service) and available only via Google Sheets.

  1. Amazon is fully integrated and can translate from/to English to 10 different languages
  2. Yandex is fully integrated tranlation service and the simplest way to translate
  3. IBM Watson also builtin service but some restrictions apply (by default very few translation pairs are available)
  4. Google Translate is not integrated, so it can be used only via Google Sheets