Google Sheets

Main article about Export/Import is here


Setting up Google sheets may take a while, however it's one-time procedure

Create Google Sheets DataSource

Open BGDatabase window Window->BGDatabase

Go to DataSources tab, press plus icon, chose Datasource type to be GoogleSheets and click Add button

Create Google client Id

Here is our step-by-step guide how to do it (alternatively use this Google support article)

  1. Log in to Google Console
  2. Select or create a project
  3. Select Credentials , click on Create credentials and chose Oath client Id
  4. Chose Other and click Create
  5. A popup will show up with your client id and client secret. Copy them to your Datasource settings

Get Oath tokens from Google

  1. Fill Application name with any string value, Spreadsheet name with the name of you spreadsheet and click Get new tokens
  2. Your browser will open up, with login to Google account and permission request. Login and click Allow
  3. Single page will be displayed with single text field. Copy it's value and switch back to Unity
  4. Unity will display a small popup window with single text field. Paste the copied value and press Go!
  5. That's it. Tokens field will be filled and you can save settings- datasource is ready.

Create Export/Import task

Go to Export/Import tab, press plus icon, chose Job type to be GoogleSheets and click Add button

Chose GoogleSheets datasource, created above. Set up metas (tables) you wish to update.

Running Export/Import Task

Press Export or Import button to run the task you just created.

[Optionally] After job is finished, open Log tab to see full log of all actions performed. Pay attention to Warning messages (colored red). Every error or unexpected event happened during syncing will be colored red.

Target empty spreadsheet while exporting for the first time. Export job will create necessary sheets/header rows + data for you

Make sure you have as many physical rows/columns as you need, delete empty rows/columns to boost performance.

Using Google sheets as shared remote database

You can use Google Sheets as remote shared database to be used by several developers (during game development).