Events let use listen to database changes, like changing the field or entity, adding or removing entities.

How to use?

Add your listeners, like this

    private void AddListeners()
        var events = BGRepo.I.Events;

        //listen to particular entity (row)
        events.AddEntityUpdatedListener(new BGId("some-entity-id"), EntityUpdated);
        events.AddEntityDeletedListener(new BGId("some-entity-id"), EntityDeleted);

        //listen to all entities (rows)
        events.AddAnyEntityAddedListener(new BGId("some-meta-id"), SomeEntityAdded);
        events.AddAnyEntityDeletedListener(new BGId("some-meta-id"), SomeEntityDeleted);
        events.AddAnyEntityUpdatedListener(new BGId("some-meta-id"), SomeEntityUpdated);

        //listen to some field change
        events.AddFieldListener(new BGId("some-field-id"), FieldChanged);

    //            Field changed
    private void FieldChanged(object sender, BGEventArgsField e)
        Debug.Log("The Field is changed " + e.Entity.Name);

    //             any entity (row)
    private void SomeEntityUpdated(object sender, BGEventArgsAnyEntityUpdated e)
        Debug.Log("Some Entity Updated " + e.Entity.Name);

    private void SomeEntityDeleted(object sender, BGEventArgsAnyEntity e)
        Debug.Log("Some Entity Deleted " + e.Entity.Id);

    private void SomeEntityAdded(object sender, BGEventArgsAnyEntity e)
        //note, fields are not available here
        Debug.Log("Some Entity Added " + e.Entity.Id);

    //             particular entity (row)
    private void EntityDeleted(object sender, BGEventArgsEntity e)
        Debug.Log("The Entity Deleted " + e.Entity.Id);

    private void EntityUpdated(object sender, BGEventArgsEntityUpdated e)
        Debug.Log("The Entity Updated " + e.Entity.Name);

Do not forget to remove listeners, as soon as they are not needed. For example in you MonoBehaviour classes, use OnDestroy method to remove listeners.

Use corresponding events.RemoveXXX method to remove a listener.

Command Line

Command line utility (Settings->Command line) let you run DDL-like commands with simplified syntax.

Syntax is (use empty line to separate commands):

    COMMAND [Options]
    [Additional options]

Available commands:

  1. CREATE TABLE [TableName]
    [FieldName] [FieldType]
  2. ALTER TABLE [TableName]
    ADD [FieldName] [FieldType]
    DROP [FieldName]
  3. DROP TABLE [TableName]


    MyField1 int
    MyField2 bool

    ADD MyField3 int
    DROP MyField1

    DROP TABLE MyTable