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Unity package
BGDatabase >= 1.8.0, Unity >= 2021.2, Unity Searcher


Data binder for Unity UI Toolkit runtime asset.

Setup guide

  1. The minimum supported Unity version => 2021.2. Versions 2020.3.16f1 and 2021.1.17f1 seem to be also supported, but the following packages need to be installed from package manager (com.unity.ui , com.unity.ui.builder)
  2. Import BGDatabase package
  3. Open package manager and import the following package by name com.unity.searcher
  4. Import this plugin

How to use

  1. Select GameObject with UIDocument component
  2. Add "BansheeGz/BGDataBinderUiToolkitGo" binder component. This is a compound binder (like a batch binder), which has a list of Visual Element binders
  3. There is one requirement for Visual Element to be used as a target of element binders- it should have unique name. If the name is changed after binder was added - binder configuration should also be changed accordingly
  4. The first method to edit binders is by using a binders table by clicking on "Edit binders" button
  5. The second way to edit binders is by using a UI Builder integration feature. Select a visual element in UI Builder window- and GUI for editing binders will be shown in the Inspector.
  6. If you use BGLocalization addon and want this binder to inject values after locale is changed - download this component and attach it to your startup scene

Data binders

The following unit binders are used by compound UI Toolkit binder:

  1. Field binder
  2. Template binder
  3. Localization binder
  4. Graph binder

Read more about unit binders here


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Version Release date Log
1.1 Oct 1, 2023 Fixed error (error CS1729: 'BGCalcFlowContext' does not contain a constructor that takes 0 arguments) download
1.0 Nov 11, 2021 Graph binders support added. download
0.9 Sep 24, 2021 Initial beta release
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