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BGDatabase (v. >= 1.7.1)


Database runtime editor (PC/Mac/Linux only).


  1. Add/Delete/Edit data at runtime (in builds). Most of the fields are supported (Assets and Dictionary fields are not editable)
  2. Invoke binders
  3. Save database to a file
  4. Load database from a file


  1. Import the package
  2. Add Assets\BansheeGz\BGDatabaseRuntimeEditor\Prefab\Editor.prefab prefab to your scene


  1. If you need GUI for choosing files to load/save - add simple file browser to your project. The buttons for selecting a file to load and save will be added to Save/Load dialogs
  2. If you want to run Excel export/import tasks using this asset GUI - add runtime excel monitor to your project. Buttons to run export/import tasks will be added to Tools menu


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Version Release date Log
1.3 Dec 22, 2021
  1. Added: multi-table relational fields support
  2. Changed: min NET 4.5 -> 4.7.1
1.2 Sep 14, 2021
  1. Added: GUI customization options
  2. Fixed: bug in the pager, resulting in wrong row being displayed
1.1 May 25, 2021
  1. Added: settings for hiding tables/fields
  2. Added: Integration with simple file browser
  3. Added: Integration with runtime excel monitor
  4. Fixed: unable to resize the column over window boundaries (mouseUp event is not registered)
1.0 Nov 8, 2020 Initial release
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