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GoogleSheets export/import for Runtime

Unity package
BGDatabase (version >= 1.5.11)


Export/import to GoogleSheets at runtime. Some restrictions apply (read below)


This plugin is not meant to work on multiple devices simultaneously.

Use it only if you have one, single device, reading/writing information from/to GoogleSheets spreadsheet


  1. Install BGDatabase (version >= 1.5.11) and this plug-in to your project
  2. Now we need to replace Newtonsoft.Json.dll with its AOT variant.
    1. Mark Assets\BansheeGz\BGDatabase\Editor\Libs\GDataV4\Newtonsoft.Json.dll DLL file to not target any platform in the Unity Inspector.
    2. Download and install Assets\JsonDotNet\Assemblies\AOT\Newtonsoft.Json.dll DLL file from this JSON package.
    3. Mark downloaded DLL file to target any platform in the Unity Inspector.
  3. Move (not copy!) following folder Assets\BansheeGz\BGDatabase\Editor\Libs\GDataV4 to runtime assembly (any folder not under Editor folder, let's say to Assets folder)
  4. Select any single DLL file under moved folder (Assets/GDataV4) except Newtonsoft.Json.dll and mark it to target Any platform in Inspector
  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for DLL file Assets\BansheeGz\BGDatabase\Editor\Pluginz\BGDatabaseEditorGoogleSheets.dll. Move it to runtime assembly and mark it to target Any platform in Inspector
  6. Create GoogleSheets datasource in BGDatabase window (under DataSources tab) and fill in all required parameters
  7. Add Assets\BGDatabaseGoogleSheetsRuntime\BGGoogleSheetsManagerGo.cs component to any GameObject inside your scene
  8. Copy all settings from GoogleSheets datasource (you created at step 6) to BGGoogleSheetsManagerGo script settings
  9. Toggle on Enable Setting parameter if you want to setup which tables/fields need to be updated. Settings are similar to Merge settings
  10. Run the scene, expand "GoogleSheets>>" button and press "Export" or "Import" button
  11. There is also an option to disable BGGoogleSheetsManagerGo's GUI and call BGGoogleSheetsManagerGo.Export and BGGoogleSheetsManagerGo.Import methods from your own scripts. Note, the task runs on separate thread and may take several frames to complete.


Version Release date Log
0.9Beta July 17, 2020 Beta development