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BG Database v1.5.9: What is new?


Table of content

1) Row height resizing

2) Drag'n'drop improvements for asset fields

Drag asset preview to cell button to copy value
Drag asset preview to scene to instantiate an asset

3) New CopyPaste mode

Turn on CopyPaste mode, hover over a cell, press Ctrl+C to copy, Ctrl+P to paste, Ctrl+X to cut cell value. CopyPaste mode is auto-disabled when any control receives focus. Hold Ctrl to highlight source/target cells.

4) Table list customization

Create custom table list view. Each view can have custom tables order, hidden tables, separators

5) Data encryption support

Read more about data encryption here

6) Custom Keys to access row(s) quickly

Read more about keys here

7) Validation system redone

Read more about validation here