Yandex Translate

Yandex Translate support is deprecated (this page is for backward compatibility only)


  1. Go to Configuration->Locale and add field of type string, named "yandexLanguage"
  2. Create account for Yandex Cloud here and optionally activate free trial
  3. Create a service account with proper permissions
  4. Create API key for this service account as described here
  5. Go to Settings->Translation, paste your API key there
  6. Go to Database->Localization and for each locale fill "yandexLanguage" field with the right language
  7. Choose any table with "localization" (Locale) or "localizationSingleValue" (Locale-S) types and string/text field type. Click on Setup and choose Yandex as translation service. Choose your source language and destination languages.
  8. Click "Run" to translate several rows. Click T↑ to translate one row to all locales. Click T↓ to translate current row to one locale