Localization support for BG Database
Unity Asset Store:
Addon price:
10.0 USD


  1. Free copy of BG Database as it's built on top of BG Database (all BGDatabase features, like Excel/Google Sheets export and import, are available)
  2. Localize string/text or any Unity Asset (assets should be placed under Resources or in Addressables)
  3. Target any component, any field or property (reflection is used)
  4. Use graph-based tool for calculated values
  5. Use UI toolkit binder for UI Toolkit elements
  6. Machine Translation is available

Restrictions and limitations:

  1. See BGDatabase restrictions
  2. SaveLoad addon can not save localized data

Upgrading from BGDatabase

If you already own BGDatabase asset, the price for localization addon should be 10$ in Asset Store (BGLocalization package includes BGDatabase package)

Example project

Example project is available for download here