Main article about Export/Import is here

You can export/import BGDatabase data to/from Excel xls format (supported by many programs, including Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice and LibreOffice)

Step 1: Create Excel Datasource

Open BGDatabase window Window->BGDatabase

Go to DataSources tab, press plus icon, chose Datasource type to be excel and click Add button

Chose xls file location.

Step 2: Create Export/Import Task

Go to Export/Import tab, press plus icon, chose Job type to be excel and click Add button

Chose xls datasource, created in step 1. Set up metas (tables) you wish to update.

Step 3: Running Export/Import Task

Press Export or Import button to run the task you just created.

[Optionally] After job is finished, open Log tab to see full log of all actions performed. Pay attention to Warning messages (colored red). Every error or unexpected event happened during syncing will be colored red.

Target empty spreadsheet while exporting for the first time. Export job will create necessary sheets/header rows + data for you (more information)