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Custom save/load nodes for Flow Canvas

Unity package
BGDatabase, Flow Canvas


Custom nodes (under "BansheeGz" category) for Flow Canvas to support save/load addon

File based units

Use these nodes if database content is the only thing you want to save and you want to use local files as a persistent storage Files are stored under Unity's persistent folder

  1. "SL: Save game to file": save game to a file.
  2. "SL: Load game from file": load game from a file.
  3. "SL: List saved game files": load all file names to string array (without path and extension)
  4. "SL: Delete saved game file": delete saved file.

Additional information:

  1. All files have ".sav" extension.
  2. SaveGame/LoadGame/DeleteSave have optional fileName parameter (default is "game"). fileName parameter format is a file name without path and extension.
  3. All actions have "debug" parameter- if it's turned on, information about files is printed to Unity console.

Array based units

Use these nodes if database content is only a part of your save data or if you want to store saved data in the cloud (not in the local file).

  1. "SL: Save game to binary array": save a game to byte array.
  2. "SL: Load game from binary array": load a game from byte array.


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1.0 May 25, 2021 initial release