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Save/Load units for Unity Visual Scripting (ex-Bolt)

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BGDatabase, Visual Scripting or Bolt
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Save/Load actions for Unity Visual Scripting (ex-Bolt) to support SaveLoad addon. Actions allow you to save/load game to/from byte array or file(s), located under Unity's persistent folder. Saving/loading to/from files on WebGl platform is not supported

File based units

Use these units if database content is the only thing you want to save and you want to use local files as a persistent storage Files are stored under Unity's persistent folder

  1. SaveGame: save game to a file.
  2. LoadGame: load game from a file.
  3. ListSaves: load all file names to string array (without path and extension)
  4. DeleteSave: delete saved file.

Additional information:

  1. All files have ".sav" extension.
  2. SaveGame/LoadGame/DeleteSave have optional fileName parameter (default is "game"). fileName parameter format is a file name without path and extension.
  3. All actions have "debug" parameter- if it's turned on, information about files is printed to Unity console.

Array based units

Use these units if database content is only a part of your save data or if you want to store saved data in the cloud (not in the local file).

  1. SaveGameToArray: save a game to byte array.
  2. LoadGameFromArray: load a game from byte array.


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Version Release date Log
1.1 Feb 24, 2021 Added units for saving/loading from/to byte array
1.0 Sep 16, 2020 Versioning reset (unified plugin infrastructure)
0.1.1 July 25, 2020 Added hints (Succession/Requirements methods) to avoid dimmed units
0.1.0 August 05, 2019 Initial release