Code Generation

Code Generation is the key element for simplifying access to the database. Code Generation is the process of producing C# source files using database structure/content as the source data.

Here is the full list of code generation types:

  1. Extension classes (highly recommended)- classes (produced by CodeGen addon generator) to be used inside database instead of generic BGEntity class (GUI is under Addons->CodeGen)
  2. MonoBehaviour Classes - classes, which can be attached to GameObject (extended from MonoBehaviour) and pointing to a row (GUI is under Settings->MonoBehavior code generation)
  3. o
  4. Reference classes (optionally produced by CodeGen addon)- classes which can be used to reference database row from your own C# scripts (alternative to MonoBehaviour generated classes, GUI is under Addons->CodeGen)
  5. Playmaker actions - actions for Playmaker (GUI is under Settings->Playmaker)
  6. Unity Visual Scripting (ex-Bolt) units - units for Unity Visual Scripting/Bolt (GUI is under Settings->Visual Scripting)
  7. Flow Canvas nodes - nodes to be used with Flow Canvas asset (GUI is under Settings->Flow Canvas)