"Settings" addon let you specify some parameters for database

Parameter name Description
Multithreaded loading "Multithreaded loading" can reduce the loading time if your database is big enough. How do I know if database is big enough? "Multithreaded loading" does not work with "Lazy Load" addon enabled.
Zipped content "Zipped content" means the database content is compressed before saving and decompressed before loading. It can reduce the size of the database, but loading/saving will take a little bit longer.

How do I measure performance?

To measure the effects of "Multithreaded loading" and "Zipped content" on performance, you may want to benchmark the database loading time. This is how:

  1. Create an empty scene
  2. Create C# script, named BGDatabaseLoadingBenchmark.cs
  3. Copy/paste the content of BGDatabaseLoadingBenchmark.cs, which is listed below
  4. Add new GameObject to the scene and add BGDatabaseLoadingBenchmark.cs script to this GameObject
  5. Run the scene
  6. Loading time will be printed to the console
using UnityEngine;
using BansheeGz.BGDatabase;
public class BGDatabaseLoadingBenchmark : MonoBehaviour
    void Start()
        BGUtil.Measure("Database loading", () =>
            var repo = BGRepo.I;