Multithreading add-on

Main article about Multi-threading is here


Multi-threading addon creates environment, which can be accessed from multiple threads safely.

What can I do with multi-threading addon?

  1. Chose which tables you want to be accessible in multithreaded environment.
  2. Merge changes from multithreaded environment back to main database either manually or on save event (before save takes place). This procedure is pretty expensive and should not be called often.
  3. Generate utility classes with it's own code generator
  4. Not all BGDatabase fields are available for multithreaded access. You can learn which fields are available here You can also see which fields are not supported in merge settings under "Merge" tab


Parameter name Description
Multi-threaded updates By default all update transaction are run on single thread one-by-one. Toggle this parameter on if you want to enable multithreaded updates. Note, multithreaded updates make 'lost updates' possible. Learn more about Lost updates here
Meta list List of tables to include in multithreaded environment
Merge on save Should the changes from multi-threaded environment be auto-merged back to main database before saving the game with SaveLoad add-on
Merge Settings Merge settings to use for merging changes back to main database. The same merge settings you use for Export/Import or Saving/Loading. Learn more about merge settings here