Live Update


Live update let you update database data on player's devices using Google Sheets.

This is how it works:

  1. First time your game is launched and database is loaded, it'll try to read data from Google Sheets
  2. If step 1 is successful, every time database is loaded, it will be merged with data from Google Sheets, thus applying the update.
  3. If step 1 is unsuccessful, database data will remain intact.

LiveUpdate addon uses public GoogleSheets Json API. It means your spreadsheet needs to be publicly available ("public" or "people with link" access levels).

You can check if you set up config properly by accessing this address from your browser (make sure it returns valid json, not some error )[Your Spreadsheet Id]/values/[Name of one of your metas]?key=[Your API key], example


  1. WebGl platform is not supported
  2. Plugin uses cell's value, not input value. Input value is raw data, and cell's value is formatted raw value If you use float fields (float, float?, List<float>), make sure displayed value for these fields are the same as input values (you may need to change cells formatting)


Parameter name Description
Spreadsheet Id Id of your spreadsheet. Learn how to obtain it here
API key API key to use for request. Learn how to create it here
Merge Settings The same merge settings you use for Export/Import or Saving/Loading. Learn more about merge settings here