Live Update


Live update addon let you update database data on player's devices using the data from Google Sheets or from JSON/CSV files hosted on a web server (WIP). Export to google sheets is not supported.


  1. WebGl platform requires special setup (read below)
  2. Do not use this addon to update critical data. There is a chance some users won't be able to download updates (due to network issues for example).
  3. Plugin uses formatted values, not raw value. If you use numeric fields, please, make sure formatted value for these fields are the same as raw values (you may need to change cells formatting)

Google Sheets API types

API type-> GoogleSheets API Visualization API Excel file export
URL to retrieve data[Your Spreadsheet Id]/values/[Table Name]?key=[Your API key][Your Spreadsheet Id]/gviz/tq?tqx=out:csv&sheet=[Table Name][Your Spreadsheet Id]/export
Number of network calls 1 * number of tables 1 * number of tables 1
Pros Official recommended method Do not require any credentials
  1. Do not require any credentials
  2. Fastest method if you update several tables, cause it uses one single network call to obtain all data
  1. API calls have free usage limits. Read more here. If you reach the limit, GoogleSheets will not return correct feed and LiveUpdate plugin will fail.
  2. API key is exposed, cause database stores the value
  1. It's not clear if Google can consider it as API abuse and ToS violation
  1. It's not clear if Google can consider it as API abuse and ToS violation
  2. Require special setup
  3. Not working on WEBGl platform
Special setup None None
  1. Download and import NPOI DLLs. If you already have NPOI DLLs in your project- delete old DLLs before importing.
  2. Download and import this package

A web server hosted files types

This is Work In Progress (BGDatabase 1.6.5 is required)

File format-> Json CSV
Special setup For JSON file format we use the format from Google Sheets:
  1. Use values property with 2-dimensional array for values. The first array element contains field types (see the image below)
  2. For values use string type even if value is not string
For CSV file format we use the format from Google Visualization API
  1. For values use string type even if value is not string

How it works

  1. First time your game is launched and database is loaded, addon tries to read data from Google Sheets/web server files. Alternatively set "Manual load" parameter on and trigger loading manually from script at any moment
  2. If step 1 is successful, every time database is loaded, it will be merged with remote data, thus applying the update.
  3. If step 1 is unsuccessful, database data will remain intact.

Setup for Google Sheets

  1. Enable LiveUpdate plugin (under addons->LiveUpdate)
  2. Choose DataSource type (GoogleSheets API/Visualization API/Excel file export)
  3. Get Spreadsheet Id from Google. Assign it to Spreadsheet Id LiveUpdate addon parameter
  4. If you chose GoogleSheets API (the first option), get "API key" from Google. Assign it to API key LiveUpdate addon parameter
  5. Make sure to share the target spreadsheet. Open target spreadsheet, click on Share button on the top right and set access level to "public" or "people with link". Otherwise plugin won't work.
  6. Google sheets data should have proper layout (as described here). Starting with v.1.5.13 _id column/ID value are not required anymore _id column with valid IDs are required

Checking if GoogleSheets setup was correct

You can check if you set up config properly by accessing specific URL from your browser without logging to Google account. Each DataSource type uses it's own URL (listed in the table above), so try to access the data with corresponding URL
For example, GoogleSheets API datasource type uses this URL to access the data[Your Spreadsheet Id]/values/[Name of one of your meta]?key=[Your API key] , so for the following parameters
  1. SpreadsheetId=MYko0fxH01GIJcBq41YAT9eFpU6Znm5I5RByHsJpupHZ
  2. ApiKey=RYIzaSyB0xsc_BoOBNRHfhW9xpCx1t03a-gV6qc
  3. Meta=Items
the URL to check will be : This is not a working example, it's just an example how to substitute parameters.

Setup for web server hosted files

  1. Enable LiveUpdate plugin (under addons->LiveUpdate)
  2. Select web hosted files as an update source
  3. Create a list of files URL and formats (Json/CSV)
  4. The files data should have proper layout (as described above in the "A web server hosted files types" section)

WEBGL/Asynchronous setup

[BGDatabase version >=1.5.2 is required] WEBGL platform does not allow to update data synchronously. So it updates data asynchronously, over several frames. It means data should be preloaded before it can be accessed. Alternative way to load data asynchronously is to toggle on "Force asynchronous" parameter.

Here are the required steps:

  1. Make sure to toggle "Manual Load" parameter on
  2. Download this preloader script and attach it to any GameObject in your starting scene
  3. Once LiveUpdate plugin finishes downloading data, LiveUpdatePreloader.Ready method will be called. Make sure to not access database until this moment
  4. Preloader should work on any platform, no need to write platform specific code


Parameter name Description
Spreadsheet Id Id of your spreadsheet. Learn how to obtain it here
API key API key to use for GoogleSheets API datasource type. Learn how to create it here
Timeout Timeout for connection. Value (in seconds) is between 1-30, default is 5
Manual Load Set it to true if you do not want this addon to be executed automatically. In this case, you will need to manually trigger the loading by calling
In Builds Only Setting this to true will disable addon if your game is run in Editor. It will work in builds only. It is recommended to set it to true as soon as you are sure the addon works correctly.
Force asynchronous If set to true, data loader will use asynchronous loader, which does not block main thread and loads data over several frames. WEBGl platform ignores this parameter, cause it does not support synchronous loader and uses asynchronous loader by default
Merge Settings The same merge settings you use for Export/Import or Saving/Loading. Learn more about merge settings here
Log level level of details to be used while gathering log information. Logs messages are gathered while addon tries to read information from GoogleSheets
Print log on load If set to true, log will be printed to Unity console after load attempt
Value resolver type Full C# type name to be used to convert GoogleSheets values to another format. This type should implement BansheeGz.BGDatabase.BGLiveUpdateValueResolver interface. For example, you could use currency formatted values inside GoogleSheet for int fields ($5,200). To properly read such values you need to convert them to valid int values ($5,200->5200). Here is an example implementation of such type, which do such conversion.