Lazy Load

Lazy Load addon enables lazy-loading of database. Database will not be loaded until the moment you query it. This can greatly simplify development process, cause you will not have to load database data every time Unity reload assemblies, e.e every time you change your script or hit Play/Stop button. The actual loading will be delayed until the moment you need BGDatabase data, so there is a chance it will not be loaded at all. However we strongly advise you against using it for builds, cause lazy loading requires much more memory and actually slower if you want to load full database.

Parameter name Description
Disconnect entities If you set it to true BGEntityGo components will not try to connect to database while you in the Editor. BGEntityGo components - are the special components you can use to hook up any GameObject to the database row.
Enable in Build We recommend to not use it. Lazy Load is meant to be used during development. This toggle enable you to use lazy loading for builds and this is not recommended.