Unity provides standard spline asset, use BGCurve only if Unity spline misses some feature


  • Tested on IOS, Android, WebGl, Net Core
  • Two types of approximation 1) Uniform 2) Adaptive
  • Animation support
  • Custom fields for points
  • Point store options: 1) Inlined, 2) as Components, 3) as Game Objects
  • Snapping (to terrain etc.)
  • Base math for Bezier splines (get Total Distance, get Position by distance, get Tangent by distance, get Position and Distance by Closest point to a spline)
  • 2D mode
  • Components (no scripting required)
  • Rectangular selection for points in SceneView
  • Context menu in SceneView for 1) points 2) points selection
  • New points have preview in SceneView before adding
  • A lot of Editor settings
  • Save/Load settings


Currently no features in development.