Unity provides standard spline asset, use BGCurve only if Unity spline misses some feature

API Reference (Section)

This page is API reference for a curve's section (BansheeGz.BGSpline.Curve.BGCurveBaseMath.SectionInfo) and approximation point (BansheeGz.BGSpline.Curve.BGCurveBaseMath.SectionPointInfo). You can access SectionInfo via math object. Math approximates the spline by adding a set of points along the spline's section and uses straight lines between these points for all calculations. You can access section information and these approximation points if you need to. The recommended alternative- is to use Splitter Polyline component, which can provide the same information without duplicate points

Section (BansheeGz.BGSpline.Curve.BGCurveBaseMath.SectionInfo)

Method/Property Returns Description
DistanceFromStartToOrigin float Distance from curve's start to the start point of this section
DistanceFromEndToOrigin float Distance from curve's start to the end point of this section
Distance float Section's length
Points List<SectionPointInfo> List of approximation points
PointsCount int Total number of approximation points
[int index] SectionPointInfo Get approximation point by its index

Section approximation points (BansheeGz.BGSpline.Curve.BGCurveBaseMath.SectionPointInfo)

Method/Property Returns Description
Position Vector3 Point's world position
Tangent Vector3 Point's world tangent. Note: math should calculate tangents for this field to have a correct value
DistanceToSectionStart float distance from the start of the section to this point